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For those considering building their next home, you may be wondering how to choose the right lot for your new home. There are some factors to consider that will help you determine the best location. After you’ve narrowed down the area you’d like, you want to look at the soil and the water table before building a home. Here is a guide on choosing the right lot for your home.

New Home in Livonia, Michigan


Soil is actually one of the most crucial elements to where you build your home. Some people have experienced their home with cracks on the wall or their porch separating from their house, only to later find out their builder chose soil that swells in the summertime. The soil is where the foundation of the house will sit so a new builder needs to research the soil they are

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Smart Home TechnologySmart homes is the latest trend in technology, in which your home is pre-wired to manage all of your electronic devises as well as help the environment because they are stress energy efficient.

The various aspects of your home that can be programed "smart home" efficient is through the security system, temperature control, lighting control, and all entertainment products. Things in the home start to become automated and it starts to seem like the home can run itself. So is smart home technology right for everyone?

What can a smart home do that mine can't?

When your home is build, you can build in programming for the home to operate your computer, light indoors and outdoors, security system, TVs, and heating, cooling, and ventilation. It works

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Granite CountertopGranite countertops are the trend these days due to their classy style that match most interior design themes. They help sell a home and are beautiful to look at. Most people don’t realize the benefits and disadvantages to owning granite countertops.

The Downside

Due to its heavy weight, it’s very expensive to install and even transport. It takes a whole team to install these countertops due to the weight. It’s hard to alter if ever needed, so in a sense it’s permanent. If you’re ever ready for a change or update to the room and want the granite gone, it will be expensive to have it removed. You’ll want to have it resealed every year or you may end up with stains.

Due to its hard surface and almost no resistance, it’s really harsh on glassware.

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New Energy Efficient Home Under ConstructionThe Institute for Market Transformation, or IMT, has recently released an informational guide on how the energy code changes have affected two different homes built about 30 years apart from each other.

One house was built in 2012, while the other was built in 1983, two times when the energy codes were very different. Here is a summary of the differences in the energy codes and how new homes are using the new energy codes.

The Benefit to New Energy Codes

Household energy use is not lower than it was back in the 80s. This is surprising due to the increase use of technology, but the energy codes are stronger now. These energy codes were set up by law to designate a minimum standard for energy efficiency of newly built homes. This is savings

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Home ConstructionMany people are opting for newly constructed homes since inventory is low on the market right now. The market is up but there are not a lot of great options currently. Some builders are buying land and starting to build homes, and buyers are finding this option appealing. There are a few things for buyers to understanding if this is the path they are considering.

Better Bargain

Since builders don’t have much connection to the home they are building, neither emotionally nor personally, they aren’t going to be as likely to overcharge for the home. Someone that is selling the home they raised their family in may be more difficult to negotiate with because they will want to know what your plans for the property are going to be.

If two buyers were

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House in HandsMichigan residents can take advantage of the new down payment program in purchasing their next home. This is great for those that are trying to get the best deal and are strapped for cash. The new program is called “MI Next Home” and homebuyers can qualify for up to $7,500 toward their new or existing home.

What is “MI Next Home?”

The program started on February 24th in Michigan in an effort to boost real estate efforts in the Grand Rapids area. While the economy is improving, this is the perfect time to focus on real estate in the area. Many residents are interested in their first home or in upgrading their current home but the only thing stopping them was the down payment. This program is going to make this dream accessible.

The program is

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Home for SaleHomes in Berkley are known for their high prices. Fortunately there is an affordable way to live in Berkley now. People interested in residing here that have been discouraged by the sticker shock on most homes can now find homes for under $300k. Here is how they are doing it.

What many people are doing is buying these lower priced homes knowing that it will require some renovations. This is great for someone looking to make their new home really their own and more personalized. Those that plan to buy something over $300,000 know that the renovation bill will be smaller, but it's quite a higher price tag to do buy new. Getting a home that needs renovated will keep the price lower and will allow you to renovate things slowly over time. As long as you

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Energy Efficient HomeFor those fans of “green” products and overall lifestyle, there is now a way to make your whole home energy-efficient. Energy Star Certified New Homes are now on the market. Similar to Energy Star’s products like their air conditioners, appliances, and doors, these energy certified homes are making the whole home energy efficient and “green.” There are some huge perks to owning your own Energy Star certified home.

What Makes these Homes Different

These Energy Star homes are different because they have quality framework. The insulation keeps air from flowing in or out which will avoid variations in temperature. Windows are coated to prevent sunlight from altering temperature in the home as well. Not only will this keep the temperature more

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