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October 2014

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Energy Efficient HomeThe HERS Score has to do with the energy efficiency of a home and it's important to understand this index. There are many financial benefits that come along with building energy efficient new construction homes and the HERS score will help you understand how energy efficient your home really is going to be. Here's a look at what this score is and how it affects you.

What is HERS?

The Resnet HERS Index is the standard measurement for new construction homes when it comes to home energy performance. Since energy varies in cost from one place to another, this standardized measurement can help a homeowner understand how energy efficient their home will be for the long term.

The average HERS score for a home is 100. This isn't exactly good or bad, but

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Front PorchIf you're building a new home, you may want to consider adding a front porch. This is a feature that was incredibly popular before World War II, but has since disappeared from the design a bit. However, the front porch is making a comeback as organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity create entire neighborhoods with front porches designed into every home.

Why Should you Consider a Front Porch?

The recent surveys of homeowners have made it pretty clear that walkability is important in the community they call home. Many are becoming sick of depending on cars to get everywhere and they also enjoy the possibility of meeting and seeing neighbors often.

A front porch not only allows for more friendly exchanges, but it also allows for a place to enjoy

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What's the Real Price?Planning properly for the home building process can help keep the surprises to a minimum. Of course, there are some things out of your control, such as bad weather delaying the construction. You can gain more control over the financial side by understanding a few of the potential hidden costs of new construction homes.

Missing Necessities

Things, such as a fence, deck, appliances, landscaping and window coverings may get missed in your overall budget. Some builders will provide some of these things for you, but you cannot just assume your home will come with appliances, a fence or any of these other items.

Make sure you understand what your home will include and set up your budget with these types of missing necessities in mind. You don't want to

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Master BedroomWhen you're building your first home, you may want to make it perfect. However, most first-time home builders will forget about certain things and make concessions in certain areas of the home. Don't let the master bedroom be one of these areas. Here are a few things to consider for your master bedroom.

Things to Consider During Design and Building

Some of the things you want to consider for your master bedroom come before the home is built. These include:

  • Storage - Make sure you design plenty of storage from walk-in closets to a linen closet and any other storage you may need.
  • Flooring - Whether you choose hardwood floors or carpet, make sure you choose something you will love. Even with a harder floor, you can use rugs to get something
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Must HavesWhen you decide to build a new home, you have plenty of things to consider. There are a number of features you may want or need. Here's a look at some of the very popular "must-haves" to consider during the design process.

Double Sinks

The master bathroom may need double sinks. Do you get annoyed when he shaves and leaves hair all over the sink? What about when she surrounds the sink with all her products? Sometimes a double sink can be a great thing for a marriage and you may want to consider this feature in your new home.

High Quality Windows

Your windows do more than provide a look into the outside world. They help to save on your utilities and they can provide plenty of natural light. Make sure you consider high quality windows for your

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Top 6 Builders In Metro Detroit

Here’s a list of the top six builders found in the great state of Michigan.  Decades of building experience makes these building companies shine when it comes to constructing new homes all throughout the Metro Detroit area as well as other parts of the country.

1)  Pulte Homes is headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and is one of the largest home building companies in the country.  Pulte Homes was founded by Bill Pulte over sixty years ago and boasts over a half-million homes built since its founding. They also have the highest customer satisfaction rankings in 11 states.  With such considerations as being 30% more energy efficient than the average home and building based on the consumer’s changing needs

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Kitchen DesignIf you’ve decided to build a home or simply update your kitchen, you may not know about all of the regrets many before you have faced in their design. Take it from those who’ve experienced home building regret. Here are the most common things people admit that they regretted after everything was said and done.

Lighting and Color Mistakes

Since lighting is usually the last thought home builders worry about, lighting done wrong may end up deterring from the feel of your home. Understanding how the light fixtures will affect your space before choosing them is an important element in the design.

You’ll also want to choose colors carefully. Choosing colors for walls, cabinets, and countertops will affect the feel and look in your kitchen. Make sure to

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Overseeing New Home ConstructionAre you considering building a home? While it’s a challenging and sometimes expensive undertaking, building a home can be very rewarding. Along with everything you will learn in building, building your home gives you a huge sense of pride. Here is what to expect may happen if you build your own home.

You’ll Learn A Lot

Going into building a home, you may not know much about various measurements. You’ll learn skills and information like this while doing some of the things hands-on. You’ll get to learn what those in the field of building go through in their profession. You’ll act as an engineer, builder, blocklayer, electrician, welder, and designer when building your home. You’ll earn a new respect for the tough jobs these industries have.


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Home ConstructionNorthville will soon see two new neighborhoods beginning construction in 2015. These neighborhoods will feature many different types of homes and will provide plenty of new choices for those in the market for a new construction home.

Sharland Estates

The Centennial Home Group is handling the building in this new neighborhood. Out of the two new neighborhoods, Sharland Estates will be the more cost-effective choice.

The neighborhood will be found south of 6 Mile and west of Beck. When complete, it will feature 22 single family homes. The homes will start at 3,200 square feet and will go up from there. The prices will start in the mid $600s and will go up from there.

Most of the homes will be found on the established streets in the area, while

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Building a New HomeSometimes, building a home can seem very expensive. However, there are ways to purchase a new home without spending as much cash. Here are a few ways to save money when buying or building a new home.

Purchase the Model

If you purchase the model home, you may get it for a significant discount. This is the home the builders use to show potential buyers as they pick out a lot, floor plan and design of their new home.

These are new homes nobody has lived in, but many have walked through. It's much like buying the display model of an electronic device. You won't get to pick the colors or the amenities, but if you like the home, you can get it for a huge discount compared to building.

Know What You Want

If you plan to build, make sure you're

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