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November 2014

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Home Care

Living in a new home requires less maintenance and repair than an older home. However, you can extend the life of your new home by doing preventative maintenance.

You can then sit back and enjoy all of the changing seasons in the comfort of your new efficient home.

The Following is a List of Some Helpful Home Care Tips

  • Cut back and trim bushes, plants and trees so that they do not become troublesome in the winter months. When they have heavy snow and ice on them they can break and cause damage to your home.
  • Take all liquids that may explode or crack out of your garage due to freezing temperatures. Wrap your Water Heater with a blanket or insulation wrap and insulate pipes if all are in your garage also
  • Drain and bring your hose
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Induction CooktopFor those building or moving into a new home, one of the favorite rooms to personalize is the kitchen. Some people spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking for the family and want it to meet their needs. One area that can leave people wanting more say is the stovetop. Some homes have stoves that run on electric while others have gas stoves that they prefer.

You have more control with the range of heat reaching the pot when you use gas but the drawback to gas cooktops is that they emit nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide when the burners are turned on. Rather than using electric, consider the new induction cooktop. Here is a look at how it works.

What is Induction Cooking?

Induction cooking uses gas but avoids the combustion toxins. It’s a new

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Repairing Ceiling LightIf you’re designing your next home, you may want to take a look at these design problems others have had in designing theirs. Sometimes these types of problems are expensive to correct or too difficult once they’ve been done.

This can come to your realization after everything has been built and you are just now enjoying your new home. Here are a few mistakes that could be hidden in your new home plan that you need to know about before it’s too late.

Light Fixtures

If you place your light fixtures up to the ceiling, it might look nice and out of the way but how are you going to change the bulbs? You may only have a couple of inches between the light and the ceiling which is not going to be enough room to change burnt bulbs. This is also going to

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Backup Power Generator for HomeMany decisions go into building a new home.  You may think that everything will be new and in good working order, but what if the power goes out?  Unfortunately, Mother Nature and Power Failures do not recognize nor favor new homes.

Why have back up power?

You just went to the grocery and meat market.  Every freezer you own is full of food.  There is a horrible storm.  This could be snow or rain and accompanied by terrible winds.  You find your home suddenly without power.

Hundreds of dollars have been spent on that food in your freezer.  Not to mention, the kids are upset with their loss of connection to social media and homework resources via internet.  If in cold winter months, you also have to worry about frozen, bursting pipes.


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Home Construction Plan and a Piggy BankBuilding your own home can be stressful, costly and a learning experience.  The following are some tips to make this process less painful.

Selling the Old House

Try selling your current home yourself.  This will save you at least 6% in realtor fees.

If this does not work out in your favor, then try For Sale By Owner with a MLS listing.  If a Real Estate Agent shows your house and it sells, then you only pay 3%.  If a buyer finds your house directly then you pay no real estate commission.

If you have to hire a Real Estate agent, then hire a great one.  Hire someone that knows your neighborhood and has a good reputation and sales record. If you don’t have the time to sell your home on your own, a real estate agent is the best way to go.

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Couple Overseeing Their New Home ConstructionWhen you decide it's time for a new home you have the choice between an existing home or building a brand new one. Both of these come with some advantages, but there are only two advantages to building a home that are important. Here's a look at what will ultimately make your decision to build vs. buy existing much easier.

Design Control

The first benefit, which is vital to anybody looking for their perfect dream home is the design. You get to make choices and design a new home however you want. With an existing home, you may be able to modify it in some ways, but ultimately, you don't have control over the design.

Sure, builders will have floor plans for you to choose from, but you can customize the home in any way you want. This makes it easy

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Solar PanelsIf you're building a new home and you've decided to incorporate solar panels for energy, there are only a few good places to put them. You won't want to put them in an obvious spot or they could become an eyesore. Here are three creative places to put your solar panels.

Porch Roofing

If you have a porch with the design of the home and it will face south, you can use your solar panels as porch roofing. This can make it easy to gain the power you want and the roofing all in one shot. It may take quite a few panels to cover the porch, but this just mans you will gain more energy benefits from the multiple solar panels.

As an Overhang

Maybe you want to create an overhang above your garage or another door. This provides the opportunity to

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Home builder answering questionsIf you've decided to build a new home, it's important to know what you should ask your builder questions. There are different approaches to this topic, but you're the one that will be living in the home, so you should be able to ask your questions whenever you feel it's right. Here's a good approach to asking your home builder any questions you might need answers to.

What type of Question is it?

Questions about the process, how to get approved, what will happen once the construction starts and other questions you may need answers to, when finalizing your decision, should be asked as soon as possible. If it might make the difference between which builder you use or whether you build or buy an existing home, ask those questions up front.


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