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During the construction of your new home there are some steps that you take to help ensure that you will not have squeaky floors in the future. In an older home you can lesson a squeak but not necessarily always to able to get rid of it completely. Nonetheless, a squeaky floor is an annoying sound.

What causes the squeak to begin with?

Squeaky floors normally start from below at the subfloor and joist level. Contraction and expansion are at their greatest here. Moisture fluctuates throughout the seasons which cause wood to expand and contract. This can cause nails and wood to become loose.

Possible movement of the underfloor supports and wood flooring could be the cause but not as likely with new home construction.

Things to do that may

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You may not have put much thought into the roof you plan to get for the home you are building. Roofs are fairly standard on production homes which make it easy for people to not give it much thought. It’s important to understand the basics about roofs especially if they decide to upgrade at some point or if they purchase a custom-built house. Here is a look at concrete tiles, asphalt shingles and green roofs.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are a roofing material option used on construction homes. They are made similarly to concrete pavers used for walkways and driveways. They look great and offer a very durable product. While water can seep underneath, the roof is made with a water-proof membrane to protect the home against moisture.


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Pantone Marsala - Image Credit:

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 is called Marsala. It is a deep wine red hue that has an earthy look and feel to it. It’s said that this is a color that enhances our minds, bodies and souls. It’s an elegant and rich color that will be the perfect choice for decorating the home in the coming year.

Add it to the Kitchen

Due to the fact that this is a beautiful red-brown color, it would be the ideal color choice for sprucing up kitchen and dining room spaces in your home. This particular color brings to mind sauces, wines, and many other warm foods. Marsala can be incorporated into the home through small appliances, linens, dishes, area rugs, and many other ways.

The Rest of the House

Most people decorate their homes in neutral tones

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Future-Proofing Home

With the level of technology advancing so quickly, there’s no telling how advanced things will be five years from now. This is why if you’re building a new home, you may want to take the unknown into consideration.

So much in our homes can be controlled through applications on our smart phones, such as:

  • Turning off lights
  • Locking doors
  • Turning on alarm systems
  • Adjusting the thermostat
  • And more!

New gadgets and applications are continuously popping up that do something completely new for your home. In a few years, everything we can possibly think of will be likely be digitized.

When you’re building a new home, it’s important that you consider the possibilities for the future and incorporate the building blocks for those

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It may feel like a dream come true to have your own house built. You’ve picked out the floor plans, the location and it gets to be everything you’ve dreamt of. You most likely have hired professionals to make this happen and maybe you aren’t sure who all will be included in the team.

Creating a team or a group of professionals will have to include a developer, the architect, the home building firm, your builder and design consultants, contractors and the construction superintendent will all work closely together. Here is a look at your team of builders and what they do.

Construction Superintendent

This will be the key staff member and project manager for your home. He or she is a construction manager that will be highly qualified in each

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Building a home

If you’ve decided to build a home on your own lot, you may not be prepared for everything to expect during the process. You have to come up with a great floor plan to fit the lot and try to take advantage of the unique geography at the same time. Building a home on your own land may sound expensive but it’s actually a great option for a huge range of budgets. Here is a look at how to get started, a look at floor plans and how much time and money to expect to spend.

Where to Begin

Sometimes you might be starting the process on a piece of land that you own. If you aren’t using a specific piece of land, you can work with a builder to find a great location. Others have a great architect they want to work with, the perfect floor plan they want to

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Cabinet - Image Credit:

Building a new construction home comes with a large amount of decisions and one of them has to do with your cabinets. This part of your home is very important and even though cabinets are becoming simpler, they are also becoming more high-tech. Since the kitchen is a very important part of any home, you should choose your cabinets carefully. Here are a few things to consider.


One of the hottest colors for cabinets is gray. However, woods, such as maple and birch are also very popular today. It all depends on the look you're going for, as gray can come off very cold, while white can add a bit of warmth and so can wood.

An off-white color or a taupe may be the right choice as it will soften the room and provide you with a great look for

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If the stairs are not already chosen for you by the builder, you may have the option to make your staircases quite amazing. Custom-built homes often have amazing staircases, which can be wider and more ornate than a normal staircase. Here are a few good choices for your home's staircase.

Natural Staircase

Choosing a natural staircase will give you a very interesting look. High-quality natural materials, such as hardwood or real stone can be very beautiful and very low-maintenance. However, this type of staircase can also be quite expensive.

Plain Staircase

Those not looking to go crazy or spend very much, may prefer a plain staircase. This can be more than just a few steps leading from one floor to another, however. It can include a small

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Interior Design

You have so many choices to make when you are building your new home. Then you are finally unpacked and moved in. Now it is time for interior design to make your newly built home feel and be exactly how you want it to.

Color is the first and main decision in interior design. It is important in every room in your new home. Of course, neutrals remain common but there are still opportunities for accent walls and bolder colors.

Using Color

Color conveys emotion and comfort, there are many different ways to use it to your advantage.

Matching Paint with Wood

You’ve just spent a lot of money on wood trim and wood cabinets and you want to pick colors that accent the warmth of the wood.

Warm beautiful neutrals work best with wood. If you

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