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January 2015

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Home Construction

Either builder will be able to produce a nice new home for you. It will just depend on what you are looking for in a home and how much input you would like to have. It is important to know the difference between the two builder types so that you pick the one that fits your needs.

Both types of builders are usually available all around the country but typically you will find more custom built homes in the Northeast versus more production homes in the western and southern states.

There is a clear difference between the two builders. A custom builder is producing a one-of-a-kind home that has more design details and input from the buyer. A production builder will have multiple homes being built at the same time will similar style and less input

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Home in suburb

When you’re trying to decide where to move to for your next home, you may be considering what life would be like in the suburbs. The biggest decision you’ll make at the beginning of your journey is choosing between city life and the suburbs. It helps to first narrow this down because then you get focus on the locations on town that offer the lifestyle you prefer.

You may have to live close to where you work which will make this decision for you. If you have the option, consider which lifestyle you’ll be happier with by looking at the price differences, lifestyle differences and finally the right style of home for your family.

Your dream home

If you choose to live in the city in a single-family home, keep in mind that many are older and

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Home Space

Choosing the lot you’ll build your house is a really important step in the building process. It’s the piece of land that your dream home is going to sit and will affect your quality of life after the house is built.

Not only is it important to pick a good foundation with good soil but it’s the location that your family will call home. While some people don’t worry as much about the lot, others find the lot to be a very important decision. Here is a look at how to choose a lot you will absolutely love.

Why the Lot Choice Matters

Choosing a lot can be important because certain types of soil are not ideal for building on top of. It’s also going to be the place your yard sits so if having a great backyard, front yard and areas to garden is

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It is extremely important to pick the builder that is right for you to help make your building process go as smoothly and pleasant as possible to end up with your dream home. There are many questions that you should be asking the builder. The following are 15 things that will help you choose the best builder:

  1. How and when can upgrades or changes be made before and during construction?
  2. How long will take for the completion of my home?
  3. Can I provide my own plans or do you only build from your plans?
  4. Who should I contact with questions and who will be overseeing the construction?
  5. Are you Licensed and Insured?
  6. What type of warranty are you able to offer?
  7. How many homes have you built and how many years have you been in business?
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Home planning

Homeowners have become more interested in making their homes as practical as possible. This especially is wanted in the bathroom and kitchen. Having simplicity and minimalism on fixtures and faucets is extremely important these days.

Rather than purchase items that will go out of style down the road, they want to spend the money on simple and classic designs. Consumers are requesting products that are efficient and practical to make life a little easier. The trend right now is convenience, especially in kitchens, and this is seen through hands-free technology. Here is a look at how to add clean lines with hands-free fixtures.

Saving Water

Hands-free faucets have gained popularity due to their convenience, water saving and money savings.

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New Home Construction

When you’ve decided to build a home, there are many aspects of the process that you have to make decisions about. From flooring to appliances and floor plans to paint colors, there are many important things to think about. Have you thought much about the foundation options for your home?

The foundation on your home is like the legs and feet of the human body in that the foundation is the anchor and support of the home. While many materials have been used like wood, block and stone, most new homes use reinforced concrete. Here is a look at the different types of foundation and how to choose the right option for your home.

Slab-on Grade

Using a concrete slab poured at grade level is how a slab-on grade is used as a subfloor for the home’s main

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Networked Home - Image Credit:

Networked homes are the newest trend in home building. Long gone are the days of telephone and cable jacks in all the rooms of the home. Now, people are getting “smart homes” that has automated features, wireless internet and high definitely TVs throughout the home.

Your touch panels not only control your thermostat, but now control your lights, security features, audio and even the hot tub. The options are truly unlimited with what you can automate in your home to be controlled by the push of a button on a wall panel or from your smart phone. Here is a look at how you can create a networked home.

How to make your home networked

Having a wireless Wi-Fi connection in all the rooms of your home is the place to start. Wi-Fi is used for more than

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Home Siding - Image Credit:

For those building their next home, you may be trying to decide on siding options and which would work best. You can choose from options like brick, wood, vinyl, stone, stucco, fiber-cement and more for the exterior siding of your home.

At one time people had to choose from grass sod blocks and animal hides but today the list of options is long. The most common siding is vinyl but many prefer the universal look of brick. Here is a look at the various options and how each will differ.

Wood Siding

Most people want to replicate the look of real world and so they will choose engineered wood, vinyl or fiber-cement siding. Envoy aluminum siding is a great way to get the wooden look with realistic shadows lines in which the panels overlap.


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Home Builder

It is very important to find a qualified and reliable builder for your new home. There are ways to find a good match for you and speed up the selection process. Here are a few steps to consider when choosing a builder.

Does the design fit?

Find a builder with some work that includes the style of home that you are looking to build. A builder whose portfolio only contains a traditional style when you are looking for a contemporary is not a good fit.

Are you using a Licensed and Insured Builder?

You will need to make sure that you and the builder are covered during the building of your home. Not all areas or states require a builder to be licensed. Ask the trade contractors and builders what insurance they carry.

Experience Does Matter

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