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October 2015

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With everything going “smart” these days, it’s no wonder that water heaters have joined the movement. While you may have thought the “smart” movement would end with phones, now homes are becoming smarter with automated thermostats, lights and security systems. Water heaters are now part of the trend and it’s a good thing because they use up to 30 percent of the energy budget in a home.

Having an efficient water heater is wise due to the expense and energy waste. If you love saving money and going green in your home, a smart water heater may be the solution for you. Cut your energy in half by getting one of these energy-efficient water heaters in your home.

What are my options?

There are a few smart water heaters options to offer a more

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Baby proofing your is a very important task when a new baby is coming home to join your family. While it may sound like something only overprotective parents do, it’s actually incredibly important for all families to take the time to baby proof different elements of the home. Baby’s crawl, touch everything and eat off the floor, so what’s more important than protecting a baby that is bound to do these things?

If you leave loose change out or cords are lying around, you can bet the baby will try to put these things in their mouth. In addition to these major safety hazards, here is a look at other scary things baby may get hurt on if you don’t take a few precautions.

Hot Mugs and Pot Handles

Children can accidently burn themselves if a mug or

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Home Planning

Going through the design process, you may have already set a room in your new home aside as a craft room. This room will house all your craft supplies and your work station for creating. The right design, shelves and other storage areas will make a huge difference.

What can you do During the Home Design?

Some home builders will help you by creating built-in shelves or other shelves you can use in your craft room. They may also help with other custom design options. No matter what you need, speak to your builder first. They may have a solution far better than your original plan.


Once your home is built, it's time to start organizing your supplies. You can organize by color and make the supplies look a bit like a rainbow. For

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