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March 2016

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It was not very long ago that the real estate market in the heart of Michigan wasn't all that great. In fact, existing home sales were poor and that slowed down the new construction in the area as well. Things are much different today. In fact, in some areas, there is a lack of new housing that is leading to significant and even rapid development of new residential homes. If you are thinking about building a home in Michigan, it pays to get to know the area well especially based on the current market conditions.

What Are Trends in New Construction in Michigan?

New construction is growing in demand here. However, there are fewer luxury homes being built in Michigan and more affordably priced homes instead. I fact, you will find that many of the local

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Wide ranges of new home developments are going up throughout Michigan. This new construction offers everything from downtown, urban properties to vibrant lakefront properties with incredible views. No matter what type of real estate you plan to purchase here, there is most definitely something special out there to purchase. Who is purchasing these new properties? You may be surprised by what is happening in the market today.

Buying New Construction

First Time Home Buyers

Some of the newer developments throughout the suburban areas of Michigan are actually quite affordable. This is making it the ideal area for first time home buyers to find their first home. What's more, new construction for these home buyers provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to get into

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