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Homes are going up rapidly throughout Michigan. The state has one of the highest new construction rates in the country. New homes are in demand for many reasons including easy access to mortgage loans, affordability, improving economic factors, and of course the ability to buy a home on the significantly available open land here. But, if you are considering buying a new construction home in Michigan, what will you build? Take a look at some of the most prominent trends taking place in these properties today.

The Efficiency

The largest trend in new construction is incorporating more energy efficiency throughout the home. From solar panel installation (yes, they are an option in many areas of Michigan) to the use of energy efficient appliances,

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Buying a new home is a big investment decision that will impact you financially for many years to come. For this reason, many of today’s home buyers purchase new construction. Michigan is seeing a great deal of new development throughout it for this very reason. And, that’s a very good thing! But, when it comes to buying your next home, realize you have plenty of options to choose from including both new construction homes and condos. Which one is the right fit for your unique needs?

Ann Arbor Condo for Sale

Is buying a home or a condo right for you?

To decide this, consider the current Michigan real estate market. First, home prices in many areas are on the way up. And, there is moderate to low levels of inventory available. We are seeing

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When you take a look at the Michigan new construction market, there is one thing that is easy to see. This area is seeing a significant amount of new development throughout the state. Whether you are considering buying a home that’s near one of the large cities, in the more remote, wooded areas, or even right along the lakefront, Michigan home buyers are building rather than just buying. What are the key advantages to doing this?

Home for Sale in Maybury Park Estates. Image Provided by Realcomp.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing an existing home, of course. It is still the most common option. However, building your home can also provide you with a number of fantastic advantages. In some areas, building is less expensive than buying a home,

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Michigan new construction is hot. And, that is means that more people are interested in building their own homes rather than purchasing existing homes already on the market. Why is this happening? It is not necessarily a trend across the country, at least not to the same level of intensity as some communities in Michigan. However, here are very valuable reasons to build a home in Michigan rather than buying one off of the market.

Home Mortgages Are Available and Cheap

There is no bigger reason why this is than because of the affordability present in Michigan. Home prices are more affordable because mortgage interest rates remain very low. As a result, there is more demand than ever for new construction. Low-interest rates are important, but also

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