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July 2016

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One of the trends in Michigan real estate over the last few years has been new construction. There are plenty of reasons to love the thought of being able to build a home here. Michigan's home prices remain low, and inventory in available homes for sale is not limited. Yet, the benefits of building a luxury new home are even more important to many of today's buyers. For those who are considering the opportunities and benefits of building instead of buying, it pays to carefully look at the region as well as the individual neighborhood to determine what the best investment is.

There is good news. Michigan's new construction boom is likely to continue. Consumers are replacing older homes, including those not so well taken care of, with new properties.

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Buying a home is one of the most exciting times of a person’s life. There is plenty to think about including finding that perfect property, the one that offers every detail you need. Yet, for some people, buying from the existing market is not necessarily ideal. It is often much better to consider building a property that is a better fit for your individual needs. The good news is there are numerous opportunities to build your home in the current Michigan new construction industry.

The Blackstone Plan in Toussaint Meadows

Why should you build now? What could investing in a custom home built to your needs mean for you in the long term? Building means more flexibility. While many people think of this as just a benefit from the area of style

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