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Are you trying to determine when you should really sell your house? It’s important to consider the best time to sell based on when it will do the best on the market and when your family will be ready. The time you sell your house does matter and it’s important to be educated on how the market works.

You need to consider even the smallest details when you decide to sell your house from the day of the week you list it to the amount of time you’ll keep it on the market. Here is a look at tips and tricks to make sure you are selling your home at the best possible time to find a good outcome.

The Day of the Week

Even the day of the week is important when deciding to sell your house. Listing your home on a Sunday will most likely spend more time on

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If you’re feeling like having a beach vibe in your home, you can easily decorate it to make it designed like a beach house in no time. Making your interior feel like you’re living at the beach, or perhaps making it match the beach you already live at, is simple to do.

Whether you live on the coast or not, beach theme homes are really popular because they exude relaxing vibes, beautiful colors and you’ll feel like your home is a vacation home. While beach themes were once only found in bathrooms, you can now make your whole home feel like a vacation home. Here is a look at some tips for the beach lover at heart that wants to transform their home.

Colors and Textures

A good place to start is to learn the colors that will make sense in your

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Window Blinds - Image Credit:

When you want to update the windows blinds in your home, you may be thinking the installation is going to be difficult and challenging. There are some tricks you can do to make it easier on yourself. You’ll need to do some preparation like getting the right equipment and preparing your work space.

In no time, the room in your house may be more comfortable and private by adding these new window blinds. It’s nice to get something new and fresh in the house. When you’re ready to replace those old blinds, here are some tricks to make it easy to install.


Start preparing for the job by getting a hand drill, drill bit, pen markers and a measuring device. Prep the work area where you’ll be putting the blinds by cleaning the windows and

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Chandelier - Image Credit:

If you're designing a new home and you plan to add a kitchen island, you will need to find the right lighting for the island. There are plenty of choices and plenty of things to consider.

Since the island can quickly become the gathering place in the home, you want to make sure it's well-lit. Kids may use it for homework, while you may use it for preparing meals. Here are some of the things to consider when it comes to the lighting for your kitchen island.

Pendant Lighting

A very popular type of lighting for your kitchen is pendant lighting. Most designers will tell you the more pendants you add, the simpler the pendants should be. This is a great choice for above the kitchen island, as it provides plenty of focused light.

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Laundry Room - Image Credit:

A mud room or laundry room is that room in the house that you don’t really think about showing off to guests and it’s just there to throw extra coats, wipe your shoes and give the dogs a bath. Did you know there are now fun ideas out there to make your mud room beautiful? You don’t have to be afraid to show off your mud room or laundry room anymore.

Guests will notice how elegant it is when you have beautiful backsplash, dark colors and create some built-in features. It will be efficient and enjoyable to do laundry again when you follow these tips. Don’t hide these areas from guests anymore. Here is a look at how to deck out these rooms in your home.

Organization & Efficiency

This area will work better when you have it organized and make the

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Kitchen - Image Credit:

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in the house and it’s also one of the most likely places your guests will see. For those that want their guests to feel welcome to be in the kitchen during their visit, it’s important to design the layout to accommodate guests and still work for everyday use.

Choosing a layout that allows your guests to interact comfortable while also being easy to cook, clean and eat during your everyday life is the perfect balance. Consider adding features like built-in flat-screen TVs, under-cabinet lighting and an island to make it feel perfect for guests that want to converse in there during a visit. Here are some more tips to make the kitchen perfect for entertaining.

Wine Refrigerator

Most guests are going to

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New Home

Are you trying to tame the mess in your new home? You’ve got a ton of moving boxes sorted by room, you have your first-week box unpacked and causing a mess, you’ve got children’s toys, bouncy chairs and more scattered throughout the house and you have no idea where to start with the mess.

You may want to attempt to first put the furniture where you foresee it working best and then trying to unpack boxes. Choose where dressers, cabinets, tables, beds and couches will go so that you can start organizing where lamps will go, clothing, toys and more.

Then you can start to hang things on the wall, put them on tables and counters or out on display. Here is a look at some ways to help when you have more stuff than you know what to do with in your new

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Did you realize that homes have their own style? It’s more than just a structure with doors and windows and a roof over your head; there are completely different concepts when you get into home styles. Modern homes focus on big windows and simplicity while historical homes were all about ornate details. 

Some houses make more sense in different parts of the country while some styles, like a ranch, can live about anywhere. What are all the different style options for my family and what are the differences? Here is a look at the basics behind some of the most popular home choices and when they work.

Art Deco

Art Deco is a Paris design that emphasizes geometric decorative elements and a vertical shape. It was never really used on residential

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Stone Veneer - Image Credit:

When you are choosing your home’s accents from siding to fireplaces, you may want to consider using stone. It doesn’t only make your home look more valuable but it’s gorgeous and timeless. In fact, people are more likely to buy a home with stone that one that doesn’t have it.

Stone is attractive to buyers and according to the 2015 Cost vs Value Report, it’s more than just perceived value; its value is real. Stone veneer offers a higher return when used as an accent and is actually the second most valuable home improvement project behind steel entry door replacements. Here is a look at what you need to know about using manufactured stone veneer.

The Installation Skills

Eldorado Stone is one company that handles stone work typically seen the

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Home for Sale

With spring time finally arriving, it’s a great time to finally buy your new house. It’s the time of year for renewal and change which also makes it a great time to get into a new house. Many people use this time of year for spring cleaning but it’s also a great time to clear up the clutter and find a new home for your family to settle in.

Perhaps you’re ready to move out of your starter home to something more permanent or you’re looking for change because you’re family size has changed. Whatever the reasons, buying a home in the spring can be the perfect time of year. Here is a look at what you need to know about buying a home during this time of the year.

Peak Buying Season

While it might be the perfect time for your family to buy a home,

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