Homes from the $300s Found in Berkley

Homes in Berkley are known for their high prices. Fortunately there is an affordable way to live in Berkley now.

Homes from the $300s Found in Berkley Close
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Homes from the $300s Found in Berkley

Posted by MARK Z. on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 at 10:05am.

Home for SaleHomes in Berkley are known for their high prices. Fortunately there is an affordable way to live in Berkley now. People interested in residing here that have been discouraged by the sticker shock on most homes can now find homes for under $300k. Here is how they are doing it.

What many people are doing is buying these lower priced homes knowing that it will require some renovations. This is great for someone looking to make their new home really their own and more personalized. Those that plan to buy something over $300,000 know that the renovation bill will be smaller, but it's quite a higher price tag to do buy new. Getting a home that needs renovated will keep the price lower and will allow you to renovate things slowly over time. As long as you have the time and patience, getting a home under $300k that needs some renovation is a great option to move to Berkley.

Another option is to buy an old home that already has been renovated, which means less work for you and the cost will be lower. Some people prefer new homes, but for those that are open to other possibilities, an older home can be a great option. It will have that older home charm, already have the renovations done, and will save you a fortune compared to the cost of a new home or one that will require a lot of renovations.

A third great option is the new energy-efficient homes that designers like Mark Adler have been designing. These three and four bedroom homes usually have 2 ½ bathrooms, start at 1,800 square foot, and cost somewhere in the low to middle $300s. This is perfect for someone that really desires a brand new home, because it's now in budget and will offer a modern floor plan. No renovations needed here and you will be living in a home that is great for the environment.

There are a few ways to affordably live in Berkley without spending a fortune, and you can choose between both old and new homes while staying at $300k.

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