How can you Baby Proof Your Home?

Baby proofing your is a very important task when a new baby is coming home to join your family.

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How can you Baby Proof Your Home?

Posted by MARK Z. on Friday, October 9th, 2015 at 8:24am.

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Baby proofing your is a very important task when a new baby is coming home to join your family. While it may sound like something only overprotective parents do, it’s actually incredibly important for all families to take the time to baby proof different elements of the home. Baby’s crawl, touch everything and eat off the floor, so what’s more important than protecting a baby that is bound to do these things?

If you leave loose change out or cords are lying around, you can bet the baby will try to put these things in their mouth. In addition to these major safety hazards, here is a look at other scary things baby may get hurt on if you don’t take a few precautions.

Hot Mugs and Pot Handles

Children can accidently burn themselves if a mug or cup is left out containing a hot beverage. The baby doesn’t know not to grab the hot cup and the baby won’t know not to grab the tablecloth edge bringing down everything on the table like the hot coffee drink. Beware of pot handles that are sticking out when you’re cooking too. Keep the handles turned in so that baby doesn’t try to grab handles that are sticking out.

The Carpet

Be careful of loos rugs or carpet. When children run through the house, they can slip on a loose rug or carpet that is torn. Add a sticky, nonslip pad underneath rugs and tape down carpet edges. Near the floor are likely to be cords from your electronics as well. Make sure all cords are tied up and out of reach since kids can strangle themselves.

Other Hazardous Household Items

Things like button batteries, laundry packets, magnets and loose change are all hazardous. They can be swallowed, choked on or toxic upon consuming. Be extremely careful that all items like these are out of reach from children. They can all cause severe internal damage.

Be careful of furniture that can tip over like a bookcase or the TV and always be checking if products have been recalled for defects, like a toy or car seat. These precautions should be the basics you cover when baby proofing the house to ensure your child’s safety.

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