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Two Builders Holding Blueprint and Discussing Interior of HouseMichigan new construction has had a solid year. Improving economic conditions in a variety of areas in Michigan including Ann Arbor, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Detroit has helped spurred interest in new construction real estate. As one of the hardest working states in terms of improvement after the economic downturn in 2007, Michigan home buyers expect options and they are getting them.

Trends in New Construction Home Investing

In the Metro Detroit area, there are more than 6 new home developments. The value of these properties span from the mid-$200,000 up to two or three times that amount. Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids are also seeing this type of surge in interest in new residential construction. And, why not? Interest rates remain low. Home prices

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New Construction HomeOne of the most important residential real estate markets in Michigan is Ann Arbor. The city affords residents with dozens of key benefits and amenities, modern and high-quality schools, and breathtaking parks and natural areas. Still, it is a hotbed for commercial developments and offers a moderate to upper middle class lifestyle. It is no wonder, then, that the real estate construction market in Ann Arbor, along with the housing market in general, remains very strong.

New Construction Develops in Ann Arbor

There are numerous areas in the city of Ann Arbor being developed. Additionally, there are individual plots of land available in many areas that present opportunities for development as well. The Old West Side area, for example, is seeing

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With everything going “smart” these days, it’s no wonder that water heaters have joined the movement. While you may have thought the “smart” movement would end with phones, now homes are becoming smarter with automated thermostats, lights and security systems. Water heaters are now part of the trend and it’s a good thing because they use up to 30 percent of the energy budget in a home.

Having an efficient water heater is wise due to the expense and energy waste. If you love saving money and going green in your home, a smart water heater may be the solution for you. Cut your energy in half by getting one of these energy-efficient water heaters in your home.

What are my options?

There are a few smart water heaters options to offer a more

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Baby proofing your is a very important task when a new baby is coming home to join your family. While it may sound like something only overprotective parents do, it’s actually incredibly important for all families to take the time to baby proof different elements of the home. Baby’s crawl, touch everything and eat off the floor, so what’s more important than protecting a baby that is bound to do these things?

If you leave loose change out or cords are lying around, you can bet the baby will try to put these things in their mouth. In addition to these major safety hazards, here is a look at other scary things baby may get hurt on if you don’t take a few precautions.

Hot Mugs and Pot Handles

Children can accidently burn themselves if a mug or

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Home Planning

Going through the design process, you may have already set a room in your new home aside as a craft room. This room will house all your craft supplies and your work station for creating. The right design, shelves and other storage areas will make a huge difference.

What can you do During the Home Design?

Some home builders will help you by creating built-in shelves or other shelves you can use in your craft room. They may also help with other custom design options. No matter what you need, speak to your builder first. They may have a solution far better than your original plan.


Once your home is built, it's time to start organizing your supplies. You can organize by color and make the supplies look a bit like a rainbow. For

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Any interior designer is going to tell you that lighting is one of the most important aspects of a design. Basically, the lighting of a room can make or break the room depending on whether or not it was well planned. Unfortunately, the same can be said for outdoor lighting as well.

While it does wonders for your curb appeal, it can also trash the visual appeal of your home if you make silly mistakes. Fortunately, there are some easy tips to remember to make sure your outdoor lighting looks great.

Always Go Green

LED light fixtures are going to be your best friend. They use less energy, they come in a wide range of colors, and they just last longer. LED also comes in finished looks instead of just frosted looks.

Avoid Small Fixtures

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The right light bulb for your lighting fixture will make your home brighter, highlight the best aspects of your property and help you conserve energy. Not all light bulbs are equal, so before you purchase a replacement for your burnt out bulb, consider the following factors.

Look for the maximum wattage

The maximum wattage is important in selecting the right light bulb. A bulb with a high maximum wattage leads to excess heat and could also place your home at risk for fires. Take note that wattage is not about the amount of light that the bulb emits, but it is all about the amount of energy it consumes.

 A higher lumen output

The higher the lumens, the brighter the bulb will shine. If you are lighting your kitchen, choose lightbulbs with a

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When you have pets your number one goal is to make the home is safe, and is as comfortable as possible. Often times this means sacrificing style for function. The good news however is that it doesn't have to be this way. You can still have a fashionable home while still making sure your pet is safe. Here is a few simple techniques you can use to accomplish a stylish, yet pet friendly look in your home.

Create a Pet Corner

Pets are very much like humans. They too desire to have a space that they can call their own. To make a pet corner work, it is very important you find out what will work best for both you and your pet. When choosing a pet bed, don't be afraid to pick something with colors. This will liven up the space and make it look like part

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Moving is a stressful undertaking; so if there is any way to make it simpler or quicker, you’re going to want to know about it. With cleaning, packing, organizing and then unpacking at a new house, there is an overwhelming amount of things to be done.

The good news is that after it’s all said and done, you get to enjoy a new place to live and move on from your old home. How can you make this process simple and quick so that you can get settled in the new place sooner? Here are some tips to make this an easier process.

Have a Moving Party

What’s better than making something stressful and turning it into something fun? Have a moving party with friends and family that can help you out. Offer pizza and drinks for those that come help you out and

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If you’re considering repainting or redecorating your home, this is as good of a time as ever to brighten the place up and encourage the outdoors to come in. It’s summer time which means happy and bright colors, being bold and encouraging visitors to want to come inside.

Each season brings a new color palette and summer reminds people of sunsets and sunshine. Consider mixing and matching to make people feel good in your home this summer and you can even have fun bringing your favorite thing about summer inside like the beach, the sunset or nature.

Nature Lovers

Choose earth tones for your home and you’ll feel more one with summer than ever. You can go with a unique color like Lucite Green to set the mood and choose accent colors to decorate

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